Live from The Nudist Channel – Let’s host Nudist Round Table
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on December 29 2007


Paul Brenot
       Photo by Marcia Stone

By Paul Brenot
 Special to Pasco Naturally

Well here I am again thinking and wondering what the coming year has in store. First I would like to wish everyone all the best that life has to offer in ’08.

One thing I’ve always recognized is that closed-minded people tend to be
restrictive and exclusionary. This tends to run counter to most nudists who are
apt to be more open minded and expansive, thus including more and sharing our wonderful life. Definitely, this is a recipe for success.

In the past I’ve called for a Round Table discussion on the future of our Nudist Pasco. In the next few months we will celebrate the one-year anniversary of
Pasco Naturally. I couldn’t think of a better way to mark this milestone than with this: let our Round Table be a commemoration of all the hard work and dedication that the owners and editors have given to make Pasco Naturally the success it is. Diane and Mark Mathes stepped forward with the courage to publish. Do we have the fortitude to keep their momentum going and partner with them?

Every few months we should have these forums. I would like to have them broadcast live over the Internet so any nudist anywhere could watch and interact. Each Round Table should be limited to specific topics with a moderator to keep
the discussion going and on track. I’m tired of people with personal agendas.
If you have a complaint, come to the table and be part of the solution.

Our intent is to further the cause of Pasco nudism and the freedom that it brings to us all.

I further propose that the first Round Table be held at one of our nudist resorts like the Rec Hall at Lake Como. This endeavor will require a lot of planning and help. Does anyone in our Nudist Pasco have the expertise and/or equipment to broadcast it live over the Internet?

Pasco Naturally is bringing us together like we’ve never seen. We have grown from “those nudist colonies” that the textile world would rarely recognize to nine entities and even more nudist communities expected.
The time of isolationism and selfishness is coming to an end. The will of the people is a powerful motive force. People vote with their pocketbooks.

Just look at Disney: They entice their customers to enjoy their facilities and amenities. Disney’s patrons gladly present their credit cards and encourage others. People want to go to Disney. In exchange, Disney gives them what they want. I would love to have the contract to re-stripe their parking lot! Disney never said, “If they come, we will build it.”

Now is the time for us to come together as a recognized major segment of Pasco County. But, it is up to us to gather our economic and political energy and direct it to our needs. Working together works wonders. We can’t do this as a splintered group, but we can do it with consolidated energy.

The Challenge

I challenge Pasco Naturally to take the lead in bringing the Round Table to life. I gladly volunteer my efforts to that end. Publisher Mark Mathes has committed to hosting the event, and publishing in Pasco Naturally on Mark and I invite experienced Web experts who could help with a Web cast.

Is Lake Como willing to offer the use of their Rec Hall? Or is Caliente willing to allow the use of their Conference Room for the Round Table? What about Paradise? We would need a few people to help rearrange the tables and set up the room wherever it’s located. Who else is willing to step forward and lend a helping hand? We can begin by collecting names and what services each of us has to offer.

Nudist Pasco is our extended family. We are blessed to be able to enjoy living naturally to the extent that we do. Like me, many of us are retired. Scores of us have some time on our hands; we have diverse expertise honed over a life of work and hobby. What better way to spend part of our free time than to unite our community with directed purpose and expanded nudist life.

Just take a look at Gulf Coast Resort. You will find a wonderful nudist community that is run mostly by volunteer help. Each volunteer’s loving gestures are etched in the beauty and uniqueness that is Gulf Coast. You’re missing out if you haven’t paid your friends there a visit.

We pay good money to live and/or play in Nudist Pasco. Someone else developed it, and we live off their labors.

Politics aside, in my view, it’s time to give back. By doing so, we create more of a nudist life for ourselves and our nudist friends. We can make a difference and enjoy that difference.

The concept of having regular live nudist Web discussions, interviews and nude news originating from, lets say, Lake Como’s Rec Hall, would make a profound difference in the nudist world as a whole. I would like to keep the same format as Pasco Naturally in that we do not show our nudity thereby making it viewable by all.

We have many very fascinating people who could be interviewed while maintaining the anonymity of those who desire it.

Why not a direct feed from The Round Table, and its controlled environment, to the Butt Hutt, Key West, Birthday Suit Ballroom or Cantina Calypso Sports Bar where many can gather and watch it on TV monitors? Let’s schedule it for an off-night during Happy Hour. I know a couple of guys who would drink to that!


Has Nudist Pasco taken the time to recognize what Mark and Diane, the owners of Community News Publications and of Pasco Naturally, have done? They are not nudists—yet. They have the awareness about our Nudist Pasco that few of us see. They have demonstrated their vision and shown the courage to put the obvious into action. Many of us still don’t recognize the potential that we have. They did and have decided to bring us together by filling the void that has kept us splintered. My hats off, or should I say my clothes are off to them! Thank you for your foresight and fortitude.

Paul Brenot is a Realtor with Charles Rutenberg Realty and lives in Paradise Lakes.